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First of all, my equipment...
All my audio goes into a Tascam 1641 interface and is connected to a PC via USB 2.0. I use a Lenovo PC with an i3 processor.
I can run 8 simultaneous XLR and 4 RCA inputs. I like my Samson drum microphones for percussion and either an Audio Technica AT-2035, 4040 or the Sterling Audio ST-55 for vocals. Normally I will use a Shure SM-57 for guitars but most of my instrument tracking is internal with either Amplitube from IK Multimedia or Guitar Rig from Native Instruments.
I record and mix everything in Cubase 4.
My monitoring system is from KRK. Of all the studio monitors I have tried, these have the most natural sound to my ears.
I do not record anything with printed effects. Once tracking is complete, I add a stereo buss compressor at the main output to keep the overall signal uniform. My go-to is the Waves SSL 2-Buss Compressor.

We live in a digital age and plugins are an essential part of working "in the box".
The best bang for the buck is going to be, at least for me, the Waves plugins. There has never been such a vast array of very usable and realistic sounding plugins than the Waves Mercury Bundle. Everything anyone could ever need is in there.
All the compressors, E.Q.s, channel strips, modulation effects, delays and reverbs are included. It even has some descent guitar amp simulators you can use when you are in a pinch.
My favorites are the IR-1 Reverbs, L-1 Limiter, C4 Multiband Compressor, Puigchild 660/670, Renaissance Compressors and the SSL 2-Buss Compressor.
Go check them out. (Waves Mercury Bundle)

Going back to digital cleanliness, I also use some plugins from a company called URS. One plugin in particular, the URS Saturation plugin adds an analog-type tape or preamp saturation feel to overly harsh digital tracks. It can be subtle or over the top but either way, it is a really useful tool for adding natural sounding "dirt" to my tracks.
Visit the URS website here. (URS Plugins)

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© Macy Malone 2014. All Rights Reserved. Website Designed By MMA for Macy Malone Multimedia.